Does It Really Matter What Signs We Use?

“They’re only signs after all. Let’s just go with the cheapest solution.”

If this is your approach when embarking upon a signage project, we urge you to give signs a little more thought.

Not only do signs serve the obvious role of identifying, directing and informing, but they’re also an important extension of your image! For a hospital, they convey the level of medical expertise and care provided. For a school, they make a statement about the quality of education and overall campus experience. And for a corporation, signs directly communicate your brand and culture.

Signs really do matter, and often times it’s the details that separate the good from the bad.

What Sets APCO Apart?
We can tell you about our service, our equipment, our quality and our people, but you’ll be snoozing…and you’ll hear the same from virtually any sign company. Below are a few important considerations however that not many companies can truthfully claim.

We Have a TON of Experience!

“The only source of knowledge is experience.” - Albert Einstein

57 years of signage experience to be exact, successfully completing projects throughout the US,with expertise in all areas of the signage process, from design, wayfinding and ADA compliance to project management, fabrication and installation. APCO has developed and installed interior and exterior sign programs for thousands of facilities, many of which can be seen in our vast online project portfolio. With so much proven experience, you can trust APCO to do the job and to do it well.

Modular (Updatable) Systems or Fully Custom Solutions?
We Do Both!

Some sign companies only make custom signs and some only offer modular (or standard) systems. There are benefits to both approaches depending upon each project’s unique needs, so for that reason, APCO offers and has expertise in both.

Broadest Range of Interior and Exterior Sign Systems Available

When modularity is needed, APCO has the most complete combination of both interior and exterior systems in the industry, all easily customizable to create unique looks for each project and all easy to maintain for the long term.

The breadth of our product line means there is a solution for any budget and a design that’s compatible with virtually any type of environment.

Why choose a modular sign solution?
Signage projects, especially large ones, should not be a one-and-done type of purchase. Change is inevitable at most facilities, so what happens when departments move, employees come and go, and your organization grows? Modular sign systems are designed to be easily updatable so your sign program can evolve and expand in line with your facility.

Product Design Second to None

“Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.” - Steve Jobs

Most any sign company can implement a good-looking sign program on the front end. What that program looks like in two years or how easily it can be updated over time though is a different story. Product design details make a big difference here!

APCO’s products have received numerous awards for design excellence and are designed based on years of first-hand knowledge of how signs actually perform in the real world. Our systems combine the aesthetics of a custom solution with functional benefits enabling customers to easily and cost-effectively maintain the sign program over time.

APCO Is an Established and Financially Stable Company

APCO has been in business since 1966 and have always taken a very conservative approach to the financial management of the company. In fact, we have been 100% debt-free for over 20 years. Why does this matter for you?

Especially during uncertain times, we’ve seen first-hand how sign companies, even those that are quite large, can come upon hard times very quickly. Several sizeable companies in our industry have filed for bankruptcy during the past few years, and if you’re depending upon one of those companies when that happens, your project could be in big trouble.

What’s more, the ongoing maintenance of your sign program will be much more challenging if the original provider is no longer in business.

All APCO Products are 100% Designed & Made in the USA

There are some nice-looking sign systems available in the US but more than you think feature components imported from other parts of the world, generally Europe or Israel. While it’s not for us to say whether this is good or bad, if it’s important to you to support products made in the USA, whether for economic, environmental or other reasons, you should ask your signage vendor where the components that go into their signs originate. You may be surprised.