Victor Valley College
Victorville, California

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 Services Provided
Design, Planning & Wayfinding
Map Development

Custom Exterior
Custom Interior

 Background Information
Victor Valley College is a community college in Victorville, CA with an enrollment of 12,000+ students.  With recent and planned expansion to meet the growing needs of the High Desert region, the college was seeking an exterior and interior signage & wayfinding package to facilitate navigation of the 40-building campus and increase exposure of the Victor Valley College brand.  Based on our experience and proven capabilities to implement high quality, updatable sign solutions for colleges, APCO was selected for the project.

The Victor Valley College (VVC) campus lies in a beautiful desert setting, just on the southern edge of the Mojave Desert.  As such, it was important to design a sign program in harmony with that environment.  Collaborating with a signage committee at the college, including valuable participation from student representatives, APCO’s design team developed a comprehensive family of exterior and interior signs featuring colors and decorative elements connecting with the local desert surroundings and also promoting the VVC brand.

On the exterior front, a few factors weighed heavily on the planning and wayfinding.  There is no student housing a VVC, so vehicular wayfinding and parking lot signage were critical.  In addition, a steep ridge divides the campus into distinct areas, an Upper and Lower campus, so creating a sign program to effectively identify and direct traffic between the two was very important.  Also, as VVC is a very pedestrian friendly school, a comprehensive system of pedestrian directional signs, maps and directories was developed to help students and visitors better navigate the campus. 

 Planning for Growth
The one certainty at VVC, as with any college campus, is change, so creating updatable solutions was important for the college.  Although APCO developed custom-designed and engineered products for this project, all were designed with replaceable graphics panels to more easily accommodate future changes and expansion.  With construction of a new Student Services Building beginning in the middle of campus just as the signage project was underway, the updatability of APCO’s products came into play immediately! 

 Product Details
  • Exterior (Completed in the Summer of 2018)
    Custom-fabricated aluminum pylons with concealed posts and unique, updatable stand-off aluminum display panels.

  • Interior (Beginning in phases during the Fall of 2018)
    Laser-cut acrylic plaques with extruded aluminum InsertSlot components and updatable laser-printed inserts of APCO’s Elevate system. Interior Room Identification signs also incorporate APCO’s aluminum Notifier message & display holder.
Exterior Sign
Exterior Sign
Exterior Sign
Exterior Sign
Exterior Sign
Exterior Sign
Exterior Sign