APCO – Our Products & the Environment
Eco-Friendly Sign SolutionsDeveloping eco-friendly sign solutions involves a fine balance of quality and green attributes. With higher quality, more environmentally friendly raw materials and finishes available to the sign industry every year, truly green options are becoming more feasible than ever before. This is good news for all of us! With the broadest range of sign systems in the industry, the specific eco-friendly attributes may vary from product to product. However, there are two common green threads which connect all of our products:

Modular Signs for Easy UpdatesAll APCO products are pre-engineered and modular so updates can be made without replacing the entire sign. This extends the product's life cycle and helps reduce waste.

Made in the USA
Made In the USAAll APCO products sold in the USA are made in the USA. Sign systems and their associated extrusions and components imported from Europe or Asia involve a much higher level of transportation energy and pollution than systems made locally in the US.
Sign Solutions for LEED® Projects
The impact signage has on a building project's environmental footprint is extremely small as compared to the vast amounts of metal, concrete, windows, carpeting and interior finishes used. For this reason, signs and their associated materials will rarely have an impact on a facility's ability to obtain LEED certification. This is the reality. However, APCO products can still play a positive role in green construction or renovation projects, at the very least helping maintain consistency with overall spirit and objectives of LEED.

APCO: Our Company & the Environment
APCO is excited to be a part of the ever growing green building movement, and as a manufacturer we take our role in that movement very seriously. For more specific information highlighting a few of the steps we've taken to lessen our environmental impact, please download the Signs of Green flyer below.