A Slim Exterior Fiberglass & Aluminum Sign System

The APCO PolySign Economy Series offers many of the same features and benefits as the rest of the PolySign products, but free from the standard “attached post” look. The post supports are inbound and nest within extruded aluminum sleeves which are a part of the bonded fiberglass and aluminum sign panel. The end result is a clean, attractive sign that provides outstanding performance and durability at a sigificantly lower cost than many other exterior sign products.
PolySign Economy Exterior Sign
PolySign Economy Exterior Directional Sign
PolySign Economy Parking Sign

Project Examples

Life University
Samuel Riggs IV Alumni Center
St. Joseph's College

Pardee Cancer Center

Religious Facilities
Hebron Baptist Church
PolySign Economy Exterior Sign with Campus Map
PolySign Economy Exteior Sign
PolySign Economy Exterior Sign for a Church

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PolySign Economy Exterior Directional Sign for a University
PolySign Economy Exterior Traffic Control Sign
PolySign Economy Exterior Parking Directional Sign