Patient Information Sign System

With hospital liability and patients' health on the line, patient information signage in combination with patient room signs must clearly communicate with no ambiguity and it must do so in a secure manner, ensuring that only designated hospital personnel are controlling the messages. APCO's InfoLock patient care  system delivers these essential features along with a host of other unique benefits and is in use at hospitals throughout the US. InfoLock is available with Arcadia, FullView, and Elevate sign systems.
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InfoLock Patient Room Sign with Slider
InfoLock Patient Room System
InfoLock Patient Room sign Info Tabs

System Overview

Modular Display Options
InfoLock’s design flexibility is one of its greatest attributes as the display options are virtually limitless
• Updatable Posters
• ADA-Compliant Room Identification
• Contact Precaution Displays
• Decorative Finishes
• Custom Imagery / Photographs
• In-Use Sliders
• Aluminum Divider Bars
Modular, ADA-compliant inserts with grade-2 Braille and raised characters feature APCO’s zero-waste, DP-Tactile printing process. DP-Tactile presents a durable ADA-solution while also offering virtually limitless colors and finishes.
Three Frame / Modular System Options
The InfoLock system of locking, pull-out tabs is compatible with APCO’s three primary interior signage lines, each with distinct a distinct look
FullView Framed / Low-Profile
Arcadia Framed / Curved
Elevate Frameless
These three systems offer comprehensive wayfinding solutions for healthcare facilities, so you can be assured of design consistency from the patient information signs throughout the entire signage program.
Locking Message Tabs
2-1/2”w or 4-1/2”w locking bands are precisely engineered to slide on an extruded aluminum track concealed behind the sign. The aluminum bands accommodate changeable & customizable message tabs. 4-1/2”w bands enable both text and symbols to be displayed, thus making communication clear and concise.
Concealed Release Button
When not in use, patient messages remain fully concealed and locked behind the sign. By pressing the Release Button, bands may then be slid and engaged into a visible and secure position. This feature not only provides tamper-resistance, but also requires an extra level of thought be put forth by medical staff before any message is displayed


Three Modular Systems
Message Tab Insert Removal
Updatable Displays

InfoLock with low-profile fullview system

InfoLock Patient Room Sign
InfoLock Patient Information Sign
InfoLock Patient Information Sign with Slider
InfoLock Patient Information Sign
InfoLock Patient Information Display Sign
InfoLock + FullView
Standard Configurations PDF
InfoLock FullView Standard Configurations
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InfoLock with Curved-Face Arcadia system

InfoLock + Arcadia
Standard Configurations PDF
InfoLock Arcadia Standard Configurations
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InfoLock with Frameless Elevate system

InfoLock Patient Information Sign with Elevate
InfoLock + Elevate
Standard Configurations PDF
Infolock Elevate Standard Configurations
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