COVID-19 Update, April 17, 2020

Dear APCO Customers, Partners & Friends,

We are happy to announce that APCO is reopening Monday, April 20th under the essential business classification within the State of Georgia’s guidelines and will be focusing on the many projects in our system for essential businesses. In order to do so safely however, and to maintain proper social distancing within our facilities, we are forced to open with an approximate 15% temporary reduction in our staff. Most of these reductions were unfortunately necessary within our Production Department where working remotely is not an option. These reductions enable us to minimize congestion and distance employees as much as possible.

While reopening, we will continue with our COVID-19 safety measures and precautions as before our two-week shutdown (as per all CDC recommendations at, and we will also be adding several additional requirements. The most notable of these requirements is for protective face masks to be worn by all employees at all times unless alone in an individual office or outside of our buildings.

The vast majority of our administrative employees will continue working remotely, but we will have limited staff onsite to help manage project workflow and maintain facility operations.

Upon reopening, our priority will be to resume taking care of our customers’ needs as quickly as possible and getting our production schedules back on track. After a two-week shutdown and a slight staff reduction, this may take us a little time, but rest assured we will work diligently to respond to deadlines and requested installation dates as best as we can.

For specific project related questions, please reach out to your APCO Representative. If needed, you will find all of the contact information for our representatives on our brand-new website!

We look forward to continuing to serve your signage and wayfinding needs…and we also look forward to seeing the other side of this crisis we’re all facing. In the meantime, we hope you and your families stay safe and healthy.

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