Boston Public Library

Boston, Massachusetts
Designer: Arrowstreet
Architect: William Rawn Associates

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When Boston-based Arrowstreet Architecture & Design developed a comprehensive sign and graphics package for the Boston Public Library, they specified APCO’s FullView system for all room identification and stack signs.  The package also included a large number of custom signs, to not only provide effective wayfinding and identification but to also uphold the design integrity of the historically significant facility.

APCO’s design and engineering team went to work and was able to offer the perfect solution, achieving the desired design intent for the project while creatively incorporating off-the-shelf aluminum extrusions for 100% updatability. 

As with most any large project, there were challenges to overcome, but for such a high profile building, one that is protected by the Boston Landmark Commission, extra challenges were presented. 

There was an extended period of design and engineering drawing revisions, physical prototype testing and testing of many different installation methods to ensure none of the Library’s floor or wall surfaces was negatively impacted. Wall surfaces included granite, marble, sandstone and wood, so determining the best adhesives and mounting locations was a challenge right through the final phases of installation.  In addition, all freestanding signs had to be fitted with special rubber bumpers to ensure the library’s floors were protected.
Since the installation took place, the Library has expanded the scope of construction, temporarily relocating many services that will ultimately relocate again after final project completion. The modular construction of the APCO signs will allow for easy updates when the work is complete, and the systems-based nature of the design will ensure that new signs and replacements are easy to obtain and will match the existing program.
FullView Stanchion Directional Sign
FullView Room ID Sign with ADA tactile braille
FullView Stanchion Sign
FullView Interior Sign with Changeable Insert
FullView Stanchion with Library Directory and Map
FullView Stanchion Floor Directional
Ceiling Mount Dimensional Letters
Interior Sign with ADA tactile braille
FullView Directional Sign