A Modular Curved-Face Sign System

Arcadia® is an extruded aluminum sign system that is formed into a gentle arc and designed to hold a variety of inserts. Appealing to the design community for its limitless design options, Arcadia is equally appealing to the end user for its easy maintenance and updates. Available in a variety of sizes and as a free standing stanchion, Arcadia is an ideal for solution for almost any interior environment. Arcadia's contour edge profiles are aesthetically compatible with the contour profiles of Accord 15, enabling the best features of each product to be used within the same sign program.
Arcadia Interior Directory sign
Arcadia Nameplate with Panel Clip
Arcadia room ID sign mounted to glass

Project Examples

Chapel Bridge Office Park
McNair Attorneys
North Fulton Professional Building

Rowan Carabbus Community College
Adventist GlenOaks Hospital
Carle Foundation Hospital
Clarendon Memorial Hospital
Halifax Health
Northside Alpharetta Medical Campus
Parkridge Medical Center
SIH Cancer Institute
St. Vincent Hospital
Wilkes Regionalal Medical Center
Athens Clarke County Library
Charlotte Mecklenberg Library Interior

Arcadia Interior Room ID sign with custom accents
Arcadia Interior Room ID sign
Arcadia Nameplate

Knowledge Center

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Arcadia Directory Stanchion
Arcadia overhead sign for a library
Arcadia Room ID sign with backer and custom accents
Arcadia Directional Stanchion
Arcadia Room ID for a Medical Clinic
Arcadia Projecting sign for a medical clinic