Reorders & Maintenance

What happens after your signs are installed can often have the greatest impact on the long term success of your wayfinding project, and several factors should be considered.

Ease of Maintaining the Sign System
APCO's products are well designed and constructed of pre-engineered components to enable easy updates of graphics when needed. All of APCO's interior sign systems are also compatible with laser printed graphics. Using APCO's free SignWord Pro software, clients can easily and quickly update graphics for their system in-house, at a fraction of the cost and time of traditional sign updates. 

Online Reordering Capabilities
APCO's ReSign online reordering application allows clients to view their full library of sign types and submit reorders online 24/7. This is a powerful tool that can greatly facilitate communication regarding future signage needs.

Financial Stability of the Sign Manufacturer
Will your sign provider be around in five years when signs are needed for your next expansion? Or, if there is a problem with the installation, will your provider be willing and financially able to take care of it? In business since 1966, APCO is a financially stable company and able to address problems quickly and thoroughly should they occur. We have a proven track record of successfully completing large, complex projects and doing whatever it takes to ensure long term customer satisfaction.