Product Selection & Design

Developing a cohesive family, or system, of signs that relate to one another as well as the surrounding environment is critical to the success of a wayfinding program.

In addition to directing and informing, a sign system should connect with its environment and help convey a facility's brand and image. An analysis of a facility's interior finishes, marketing collateral, and branding objectives will help ensure this is accomplished.

Product features should also be an important consideration. Selection of a modular product that not only offers design flexibility but can also be easily maintained over time will make the wayfinding solution much more effective for the long term.

Not all modular products are alike! APCO offers the widest range of award-winning modular sign systems on the market and can provide expert guidance for when one particular product might fit a situation better than another or which systems would be best suited for a LEED project.

APCO's online Design Studio is also a valuable resource, providing an easy way to start the conceptual design phase and explore materials and finishes to coordinate with any environment.