Accord 15
The ADA Accessibility Guidelines (called the Standards for Accessible Design or SAD) became mandatory on a national level for newly designed or altered facilities on March 15, 2012.  The Department of Justice (DOJ) enforces the standard in places of public accommodation, commercial facilities and in state or local government facilities. 

ADA Quick Tips
Stroke Width: Stroke width on the typeface's uppercase "I" must not exceed 15% of the letter's height.

Spacing: The new rules dictate spacing of a minimum 1/8" and maximum of 4 times the character stroke width between tactile letters regardless of character height.

Mounting Height: Tactile signs must be mounted so that the bottom of the lowest and highest raised characters are 48" - 60" above the floor.


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Technical Assistance
Should you have any questions about signs and the ADA, technical assistance is available directly from the Access Board through their question line, or by phone (800-872-2253).

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